What we need is a world full of miracles, 

like the miracle of seeing the young child seeking work and independence, and manifesting a wealth of enthusiasm and love.”


                                  - Maria Montessori

We intend for Aster to feel like a home away from home.


Aster is a safe, loving, nurturing environment where each individual child is respected, as part of a larger family and where differences are valued.  At Aster children develop a sense of a spiritual, emotional and intellectual connection to themselves, and in doing so foster confidence to form an identity in society.  Aster is a place where your child can grow in myriad ways -- from learning to care for another child by helping him put on his shoes, to caring for plants by watering them or polishing the leaves so they shine.  


The Aster staff creates a nurturing home-like atmosphere within an enriched learning environment. We promote independence in each child by showing them how to do a task then allowing him the necessary time and trials to master that task. We lovingly encourage the child to do it himself with patience and support.


From a simple, routine task such as watering a plant, a child develops a sense of ownership and self-sufficiency. The child starts by learning to fetch and carry water, then to watering a plant, and then to naming all plants in the classroom. Soon the child is classifying plants and engrossed in learning the process of photosynthesis. Routine is woven into the tapestry of a work-based day, so that a child can develop skills to make themselves successful and independent members of both the fabric of the school and of the world.


One of the things that we love most about Aster is the sense of family that permeates through the school. Through weekly parent days at school and monthly parent education evenings, we feel that we get to spend time with our children, build a community with the other Aster families, and learn more about the Montessori method.  Through these shared values and this shared time, Aster has come to feel like an extended family for us.”


                                                                                - Jaivin P.

We take a scientific approach to the whole child, with teachers trained to do so.


Aster Montessori is a scientific environment. We have hypotheses, we observe, we follow, and we collect data. There is a method to each material, and a method in approaching and following the child. Each activity in the environment is designed to be a developmental activity - an activity which the child's budding intelligence can understand, his will can choose, and is within the scope of his voluntary movement.  The Montessori method has been shown to inspire a life-long love of learning in children; create critical thinking and problem solving; and stimulate creative and socially cooperative work.  We view part of our work is to continue to advance this beautiful method and share our work with the broader community.  


The beauty behind our school is that we are able to view the environment and the children through a scientific lens with the utmost care and love. Respecting the children and being witnesses to their growth and change is a delicate and lovely dance.  The Aster staff consists of trained professional teachers who adhere to the scientific methodology of Dr. Maria Montessori, who thrive to learn and value professional development as an important part of their growth.  



Children are human beings to whom respect is due, superior to us by reason of their innocence and of the greater possibilities of their future.”


- Maria Montessori

We strive to create a loving community of families, providing a rich social environment in which our children can grow up.


Every child deserves patience and respect, as does every family. We see our role as not just supporting children, but also supporting families; not just creating a community of children, but creating a diverse, loving community of families.  It takes a village to raise a child, and our role is to help foster that village.  


At Aster the breadth of contribution and enthusiasm of our families is unparalleled. Our families join together to plan summer play-dates and community events like gardening and children’s yoga. Families drive miles to attend school, and help each other with pick-ups and drop offs.  Because of this parent involvement, children feel close not just to one another, but also to the parents of their schoolmates.  


As teachers, we work hard to establish strong relationships with all the families.  We understand that parenting is the hardest job, and see our role as in support of parents, and in collaboration with parents.  As such, we take the time and space to care for parents.  


To hold a child’s hand at drop-off takes just as much care as reconnecting with a parent after drop-off. To follow a child through a complicated math sequence with grace and courtesy takes just as much care as explaining to their parent that same complicated sequence. Each situation requires the allowance of space and support for the parents as well as the child.  We look to create that support; we have monthly parent education nights, weekly in-classroom parent education, and multiple informal opportunities to create that connection.  We strive to create a community where the heart is honored and both the child and family is cradled in security and love.


Every day we walk in the door, we are thrilled to connect with parents -- to offer a word of encouragement in a tough situation, to hear a recent story about their family or to just simply listen and check in.


We grow together, we learn together and we care for one another.

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Aster Montessori 

883 Cambridge Street

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